Carrier Selection Criteria

Must have a minimum active cargo insurance amount of $100,000

Must have a minimum active auto liability and general liability insurance amount of $1,000,000

All carriers must have a satisfactory carrier rating by the FMCSA

Carrier must have a central dispatch

Carrier has to hold an active operating authority for 6 months before they can be set up with Logistics Direct, LLC.

Carriers must sign a carrier/brokerage agreement and provide quality references

Why become a carrier?

Trucking companies are the backbone of Logistics Direct.  We know that it is a crucial part of your business to operate at full capacity. No matter how large or small the company, long-term relationships are our goal.

Do you want to become a carrier for Logistics Direct? If so, please fill out our carrier packet and fax it back to 720-266-6039.

Carrier Packet

Broker Carrier Agreement (pdf)