Logistics Direct: Moving Your Freight

Once your load is booked with Logistics Direct, we will match a carrier that fits our strict criteria

All drivers will contact Logistics Direct's central dispatch to get their load information.  We talk to every single driver we use to ensure that they have the right equipment and are able to make the pick up in time

After the driver has loaded your freight, Logistics Direct requires two check calls per day from the driver to ensure that your freight is delivered on time.  We then update you on the status of the truck

Once the driver has made delivery, we check with the consignee and make sure the freight was delivered with no OSD and in a timely manner

Why Use Logistics Direct, LLC.?

Logistics Direct offers full service transportation brokerage services in all 48 states to meet your shipping needs

We specialize in full truckload and partial movements with access to dry vans, flatbeds, reefers, and specialized equipment

Rather than having the additional costs of powering our own assets and bringing them to you, we own no assets and are able to provide you with trucking solutions at the best available market rates

By being flexible with available capacity, Logistics Direct is able to tailor its shipping services to each individual customer's needs


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